BAFTA award for sound

BAFTA awarded
Best Sound, 2000
Theme Park World
Bullfrog Productions

BAFTA nominated
Best Sports Game, 2003
Formula One Career Challenge
Electronic Arts

Develop awarded
Best Use of IP, 2008
Metal Gear Solid Mobile

Develop nominated
Best Sound, 2008
Race Driver : GRID
Codemasters Software

BAFTA awarded
Best Sports Game, 2009
Race Driver: GRID
Codemasters Software

BAFTA awarded
Best Sports Game, 2011
F1 2010
Codemasters Software


Welcome to Mark 'TDK' Knight's "Game Sounds" !

I've been working in the video games industry for over 22 years now.

As well as music, sound effects and speech design, I have extensive experience in game sound implimentation, and can work with your development team to create the best all round audio experience.

From music (CyberSpeed, Duke Nukem Total Meltdown, Dungeon Keeper 2, Populous the Beginning, Warhammer Dark Omen and more) to recording world rally cars for Colin McRae DiRT 2, or Formula One cars for F1 2010, processing ethereal voices, dialogue recording and editing, to just getting it all in within that ever decreasing memory budget.

Previous employers: Aardvark, Bullfrog Productions, Caterham F1 Team, Catskills Records, Channel 5 Television, Chorley Music Consortium, Cruden, The Climax Group, Codemasters Software, Crytek, Electronic Arts, GT Interactive, Ideaworks 3D, Konami, McLaren Applied Technologies, McLaren Automotive, Massive Attack Tours, Mindscape International, Origin Inc, Outsource Media, Pearson, Projector Games, Sahara Force India F1 Team, SCi, Software Toolworks, Sonic-Source, South Lancashire Arts Partnership (SLAP), Supersonic Software, TUTSongs, Twilight, Visual Sciences, Vivendi Universal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Team, Warner Brothers.



August, 2016 - F1 2016 OST
F1 2016 has been released, and I've written the score which you can download in the downloads section.
June, 2016 - F1 2016
F1 2016 has been announced. I've been working on this for the best part of a year now, and the in-game music almost totals 90 minutes in length. Expect a free album download when the game is released!
September, 2015 - D/Generation HD
I've completed a completely new score for the HD remake of a game I worked on back in the early 90's, D/Generation. Lots of nice analog darkwave here :)
June, 2015 - F1 2015
F1 2015 has been released, and I've written the score which you can download in the downloads section.
May, 2013 - GRID 2
September, 2012 - F1 2012
May, 2012 - DiRT Showdown
December, 2012 - Reawakening
After around 16 months of using what little spare time I have, my first chiptune album 'Reawakening' has been released. I hope you enjoy it :)
November, 2011 - Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk
Some of you older peeps will remember the ol' Dizzy games from the C64/Speccy days. Well, Codies are sticking their toes in the water with an iOS remake of the game, and yours truly has remade the original music written by Matt Simmonds (4-mat to those in the know).
September, 2011 - F1 2011 is out :)
Hell yeah
May, 2011 - DiRT3 is out :)
Hell yeah
April, 2011 - New CyberSpeed album, CyberSpeed Unleashed is released
It's taken a while, been a little pet project of mine for a number of years, to re-record and mix the music I wrote 16 years ago for the Playstation game, CyberSpeed. Well, finally it's complete and for sale as a digital download. It'll take a little longer to hit Amazon and iTunes, but it's already available at CDBABY so click HERE and reminisce the good old days :)
April, 2011 - Credits music for FortressCraft, chapter 1
I've written the music for the credits screen in the new Xbox360 Indie game, FortressCraft. It went straight into the 360 download charts at No.1 in Canada, No.2 in the UK and No.3 in the USA. I'm hoping this collaboration will continue into the future, and am looking into getting the track uploaded to iTunes and Amazon in the very near future.
March, 2011 - F1 2010 wins BAFTA.
Awesome news, F1 2010 has won a BAFTA for Best Sports Game.
January, 2011 - Cyberspeed Re-Imagined.
Nearly there. Had a few more ideas over Xmas. Now I'm half way through mastering, which is taking its time as I continue to want to improve. Such is life when there isn't a deadline!
September, 2010 - F1 2010, in at no.1.
F1 2010 hits the streets at no.1 - this was a fab project for an F1 fanboy to work on, and I guess I've got the closest to F1 cars that any none F1 team member can ever get, when I was out with the a number of teams recording the engine sounds on track.
August, 2010 - Duke Nukem Total Meltdown 'cancelled tunes' uploaded.
Found a couple of tracks which we didn't think were appropriate for the game :- Dubspace, and Mysteronious.
July, 2010 - DiRT 3 announced.
Codemasters have announced the development of the next version in the DiRT franchise :)
Sept, 2009 - DiRT 2.
Colin McRae DiRT 2 is released, featuring much improved engine sounds compared to any previous Codemasters release.
July, 2009 - Duke Nukem Total Meltdown re-recordings.
It looks like this could well be a possibility now after I did a couple of test tracks over the last few weekends - links to those tracks can be found here.
July, 2009 - Cyberspeed Re-Imagined.
OK, so life, babies and work got in the way of this coming out in 2008. It's almost done now, promise - a bit more on the forum.
March, 2009 - Race Driver: GRID wins BAFTA.
Yay, Race Driver: GRID won best sports game beating the likes of Motorstorm, Pure, Wii Fit and FIFA. Rock on!
February, 2009 - Cyberspeed 2008 Remixed - Now "Cyberspeed Reimagined".
Yes, it is almost finished. I was in a car crash in December which stopped me from getting this done. Just a few minor tweaks left to do now, before it's released.
January, 2008 - Colin McRae DiRT2 and Formula One announced.
Codemasters have announced the development of both the next version of the DiRT franchise, and their first Formula One game - both of which I'll be actively involved in making.
October, 2008 - Cyberspeed 2008 Remixed - preview.
I've uploaded the latest preview mp3 of some of the tracks remixed and re-recorded for the forthcoming Cyberspeed 2008, or more likely 2009, Remixed mp3 album. Check it out NOW.
August, 2008 - Metal Gear Solid Mobile wins "Best Use of IP" award at Develop 2008.
As mentioned earlier, I provided the tracker .mod music for this game and am proud to have helped Ideaworks 3D win this award!
July, 2008 - Albino 2 remixed by CoLD SToRAGE.
Just about every gamer knows of CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright, even if you don't realise it. He's been responsible for, amoungst other things, the original music content for the WipeOut games since the original came out with the Playstation 1. Anyways, Tim took a bit of a liking to my Albino 2 track and gave it the CoLD SToRAGE treatment - the end result blew my mind! Check it out under the remixes section on this page from his website.
June, 2008 - Race Driver: GRID, straight in at number 2.
FINALLY!!!! A game that I've worked on actually gets into the shop. Not only that, but GRID goes in the charts at No.2 with an 'Audio Accomplishment' nomination at the Develop 2008 awards!
March, 2008 - Smoke Plumes aka Floydlike finally finished.
This is a rock beast which was originaly writting in 2001. In 2006 I decided to try and create the track I always intended in my head so approached an internet collaboration site to complete it. 18 months later, this is the result.. Check it out in the DOWNLOADS section.
November, 2007 - Mark goes to Codemasters.
After 3 job offers in the past year, Codemasters and I finally come to an agreement with the 4th offer. I start there in November working on their racing/driving games. Should be fun :) I'll still be adding news and music to this site as and when possible.
November, 2007 - New Download.
Cyberspeed - Advert - Boggit Protein Accelerator. - One of the cute tunes I wrote for the adverts in Cyberspeed. I'm planning to create an mp3 album of updated Cyberspeed music if anyone is interested, let me know.
November, 2007 - Tracker based music for Metal Gear Solid Mobile, completed.
I've just completed the .mod tracker conversions of the Metal Gear Solid music for mobile phones. It's been the first time I've seriously used a tracker music program since 1993 as 'TDK' and I must admit I really enjoyed working with the format again.
September, 2007 - New Download.
Bourne's Theme - A demo track, working to the style of John Powell's Bourne Trilogy soundtracks.
August, 2007 - Additional dialogue editing on So Blonde.
Just completed a very small amount of dialogue editing for the forthcoming game, So Blonde.
August, 2007 - Dialogue recording for EA's Crysis.
About to pop down to EA's Chertsey recording studio to oversea 3 days of dialogue recording for this much anticipated First Person Shooter from Crytek.
August, 2007 - Additional dialogue editing on The Witcher.
Just completed a very small amount of dialogue editing for the forthcoming RPG, The Witcher.
April, 2007 - Music Production Teaching.
I've been employed by South Lancashire Arts Partnership to help teach music production at their new Music Cafe based at the Chorley Community Centre. You'll find me there on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.
March, 2007 - Completely new downloads/streaming section.
I've done a major revamp of the downloads page, and added a lot more tunes I've been writing over the past few months. These are now streamed off the server rather than downloads.

Sadly, the company I produced the loops for in December went bust, so those tracks won't be in the shops to listen to.
December, 2006 - New Download
Summer Dance - Just a bit of fun platform style music.
December, 2006 - Work
I've been commisioned to create 40 short pieces of looped music for an edutainment title, very short time frame so I'm burning the midnight oil. I've also done a pitch for a UK film, which is an area I'd love to get into.
November, 2006 - New download
Virgin Power - Thought I'd quickly rush out at bit of simple trance music..
November, 2006 - New download
End Credits - I just thought this track would be suitable for the end credits in a film. What film? I don't know.
Populous 4 idea 02 - A continuation of the music I created for Populous 3, ambient and ethnic.
October, 2006 - Not quite then
EA have announced the closure of my studio, so I'm back in the same situation all be it in a different part of the country. So, back to the freelance world I think - hopefully working on some AAA titles, eh!
March, 2006 - Full circle
I'm very happy to announce that I will be returning to Electronic Arts whome I worked for between 1997 and 2003. I am going to their North West studio in Warrington to work on an as yet unannounced titles for PS3 and XBox 360.
February, 2006 - New downloads
Albino 2 - Ambient electronic track, made using one soft synth - Albino.
Crossing the Line - Film sountrack theme (or homage to Hans Zimmer).
Electro Apocalypse - Four to the floor, banging club track. Sorry :)
February, 2006 - Leaving Scotland?
Sadly, Visual Science has gone into administration which as a real shame since we had some exciting games being developed, so I'm now available for hire again. Looking for a permanent job really but will consider everything, full time or contract.
October, 2005 - New download
Another Warhammer: Dark Omen track updated in the downloads page.
April, 2005 - New downloads
Dr. Who Theme remix - TV Theme remix for fun.
March, 2005 - New downloads
Captive 2: Liberation, Theme - 2005 mix.
Massive Attack - A Prayer for England Remix.
Monster sounds - Sudeki Xbox.
More Monster sounds - Sudeki Xbox.
Sketch - C64 - Nemesis the Warlock.
Million Miles - Intro for folk punk song.
Orchestral demo montage.
Warhammer: Dark Omen, Battle 2 -2005 mix.
Warhammer: Dark Omen, Eerie 3 - 2005 mix.
Warhammer: Dark Omen, Scary - 2005 mix.
March, 2005 - Link updates
All download links have been fixed and Captive 2 - Liberation has been added.
April, 2004 - New job
I've accepted a full time position with my friends at Visual Science in Dundee, Scotland. I've have a long relationship with the guys and gals up there, working on the F1 titles they developed for EA. Current titles I'm working on are the next title in the Carmageddon series, and an as yet unannouce project. This site will continue to be developed and undated, so make sure you check back.
March, 2004 - New downloads
I've added the first two ingame tracks from Dungeon Keeper 2 to compliment the other DK2 downloads. Find them in the downloads page.
January, 2004 - New download
Another remix of one of the original Cyberspeed Ingames tracks is now online. Find it in the downloads page, or click here.
September, 2003 - New project
As well as creating the sound for an as yet unannounced project from Visual Sciences, I have now started a short term contract assisting with sound design and implimentation on the eagerly awaited XBox game, Sudeki, from Climax Solent.
August, 2003 - New download
Just for fun, I remixed one of the original Cyberspeed Ingame tracks, find it in the downloads page, or click here.
Another remixed Cyberspeed tracks, find it in the downloads page, or click here.
July, 2003 - New project
I am working part time with Visual Sciences on an as yet unannounced development.
March, 2003 - Finished Formula One
The job involved getting EA's F1 2003 audio into a shippable state. No sound design, just implimentation and bug fixing on PS2, XBox and Gamecube platforms.
January, 2003 - Going freelance
Well, after 5 good years at Electronic Arts, I've decided to go it alone.

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